Landlord Paralegal Consulations

We offer broad range consultation services if you feel you need to handle matters yourself. The consultation is offered as a general guide for handling your circumstance but is no substitute for our hands on service. But if you are in the management stage and want to make sure you are doing things correctly, it is always a great idea to speak with one of our licensed paralegals to ensure you are conducting yourself appropriately. 
Landlord Paralegal has the experience and expertise to give you answers with confidence.

Trouble commencing an action?

Sometimes just knowing where to start is a challenge, let us give you the answers you need.

How strong is your case?

We can provide you with answers and help suggest a strategy to allow you to move forward with assurity. 

Demand Letters

 Is a client giving you trouble and you need to let them know but don’t know how to say it? We can help you write a clear and legal letter to show them you mean business.