Rent Arrears Collection

You operate a service that takes heavy abuse, that service needs maintenance to keep it running in a clean operation. Everyone deserves to be paid for their work thats why we want to help you fight against living room dashers and get the money for your work. 

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We can assist you in collecting any unpaid bills. With our services, we capitalize on volume and pass our savings onto you. We work for a percentage and will collect on any amount over $500.00 owed in rents even if they are still staying at the property. We can help to enforce those collections so you get results. 

Broken Contracts

If you had an agreement with an individual and they have failed to fulfill that obligation within your agreement we can help you pursue justice to your case.


Is there a tenant not cooperating with you that you need evicted? Have they been squatting on your property we can help to evict that tenant off the grounds so you can take possession of your unit and start over.

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